Saturday, January 24, 2009

And Yet Another...

And yet after another LOOOONNGGGGGGG posting hiatus, I'm here again reviving my practically dead and boring blog. When I created this blog, I solely intended to post stuffs about make up, after all I am, errrrr, I was a make-up addict.

But over the last couple of months, my priorities have changed and make up was no longer on the top of the list. But my addiction to shoes, bags and clothes are still not waning. Nevertheless, I am still a true blue make-up addict on an indefinite hiatus. Its amazing how a lifelong committment binded on a piece of paper could drastically change ones point of view.

Yes, MARRIAGE change me. Now, I'm interested to a lot of relatively new things for me. From cooking, baking, interior designing and from the most mundane like what's the best detergent in the market or how would I eliminate stubborn mold and mildews. I actually like it, its like rediscovering myself in a fun and amazing way. An interesting turn of events, as Sheldon Cooper may have put it.

To sum this post up, here's some of the things I'm currently lemming for, and yes, its not make up:

A bedroom as cozy as this.

A low maintenance indoor plant. This one is called Mother-In-Law's Tongue. Cute name no?

Shelf Unit from Ikea for our Living Room

A Flat Screen TV and a Flat TV Rack from Ikea

Seems like its a new addiction after another! That's it for now. Here's hoping I'll have enough time in my hands to update my little space in the cyberspace!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

MAC Lemming of the Day

MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Petticoat

MAC Red She Said Dazzleglass in Sugarrimmed

MAC Red She Said Mineralize Eyeshadow Trio in Outspoken

MAC Manish Arora Lipstick in Kiss Manish

I can't wait for November!!!!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hello Quarter Life Crisis, It's me, MAFIE!

Too much things are going around in my head in the past few weeks and yesterday, I knew I needed to get lost for a while. I wanted to shop, but that was out of the question. And so, I had this brilliant idea to have my quick fix at a bookstore. I turned on my iPod, listened to Coldplay's Viva La Vida over and over again and got lost into the sea of books. This always does the trick for me. I feel unusually calm and happy whenever I'm surrounded by books. It feels like I'm in different places at the same time and doing different things at the same time by going through the books. No matter how much I love my life, sometimes I feel the need to get away from the craziness of it all or else I'm gonna lose my sanity.

It doesn't help that the Hubby and I fought over something stupid last night and currently not speaking with each other for over 24 hours. We're just cooling things off and I know tomorrow we'll get to talk things over and be all lovey-dovey again.

Hay, Hello Quarter Life Crisis, Hello!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ultimate Warla Mode

If you're frustrated with your personal life, do not take it out to your colleagues. Stop pretending that you have slaves here in Manila. It doesn't necessarily follow that you are higher than US just because you are based in some place else.

Oh puhleeassse! Nandyan ka nga wala ka namang minions! So hindi ka pa rin boss di ba? Stop blaming others for your stupidity. You are not God's gift to the world.

I can be extremely mean when provoked. Don't push your luck too much!

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Friday, October 10, 2008

I (unwillingly) lost my make up mojo - - - - TEMPORARILY of course

And so, in my last post which was like a thousand years ago, I mentioned that I am getting married soon and I mean really soon. More than a year ago, I never thought that getting married today can be so expensive, I never knew that it would take as much as 125K to hire a videographer and 90K to hire a photographer. We initially allotted a budget of 150K for 100 guests, and I was pretty sure during that time that it would be enough as I didn't want to spend so much on our Catholic Wedding.

But then, like most women, my Bride Gene kicked in full force, 5 months before the wedding date, I decided that a wedding is just a once in a lifetime experience and spending some of our, oh, I mean his, hard-earned money will be worth it. To make the story short, the 150K budget ballooned, good thing my Hubby did not object as he knows I would throw a bitchfit about it. LOL! Don't you just feel so lucky when your man always want to give you all the best things in the world?

And because I didn't want him to do all the financial sacrifice and since I can only do so much.. the only thing I can't think of to help him with the wedding expenses is to cut back on shopping, so that we can have something for the rainy days. and so, I did the unthinkable... With all the courage I have, I stopped dropping by at the mall after work, I stopped viewing beauty and fashion blogs and I stopped visiting GirlTalk! And surprisingly, I survived! Yes, that's my story why I haven't been blogging for the looonggeeesssstttttt time.

It also helped that a friend were also in a similar situation before and she was able to share some words of wisdom. You are truly my soul twin sister. It gets creepy at times that we always have the same experiences and identical taste in everything! Thanks sweetie! You know who you are.

With this experience, I have learned many many things and like what my soul twin sister always say, this will only make you better and smarter! And she is right all along.

Oh, the things you do for LOVE!

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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Earth to Mafie!

Hello Beautiful People!

Yes, I have been missing in action for a very long time that's because work is CRAZY! and when I say CRAZY, it really is CRAZY. I've been hammered with unending technical issues from clients and SUBS for the past weeks and my burden doesn't end there. I am also involved with several other projects, system implementation, data migration, bug verification, report specification, etc, etc, etc. I'm officially a Jane of all trades, Master of Nothing!

Aside from work, I'm also busy with other important things, well, like preparing for my wedding. I've finally decided to have a beach-themed wedding, the irony is... the ceremony and reception will be held in a garden. Yes, beautiful people, I'm having a beach-themed garden wedding. How sweetly ironic is that? LOL!

I have all those nifty ideas I gathered from dozens of wedding web sites and weddings at work and all I need to do is to fully execute everything to make a dream into a reality. My color theme is dominantly WHITE, with a touch of YELLOW, and a sprinkle of GREEN. I only want light colors because I think dark colors won't really go well with my theme no?

Here are just some of my inspirations:

The Gown - I just want something simple, light but tasteful.

Theme - Light, Simple and Happy!


Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

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Saturday, April 26, 2008

TAG: I Heart Beauty Secrets

I got this from a fellow Beauty Blogger Nikki, who's site I always frequent for a beauty tip or two.

Here's how it goes. You will list down all the beauty stuffs you use per category and then tag other people. You know the drill so I won't explain it anymore because I am running out of words to say. LOL! I was never good at writing anyway. Haha!

My Foundation: I use a variety of MMU Foundations but I will only list down my favorites: Monave, Jlynne and Joppa for their great staying power and uber-kinis finish! Love Love Love them! I want to try MAC Studio Fix Fluid because of Chloe and Mhean's rave reviews, but sadly... It's too harsh on my skin. I tried it once on the counter and then a day after, a zit appeared on the area where the MA applied it. So so sad!

My Mascara: Maybelline but I never tried a lot. I skip this step most of the time and just curl my lashes.

My Blush: Lots of MMU Brands but my ultimate favorite are MAC Blushes because of their pretty colors and great staying powers.

My Eye Shadow: MAC and A lot from MMU brands which I hardly use.

My Day Cream: Obagi Clear and Obagi Exfoderm Forte

My Lipstick: MAC! MAC! MAC! My favorite is Viva Glam V!

My Beauty Product Brand: Obviously MAC!

My Essential Beauty Product: Sunblock. I can't go out of the house without applying this.

My Favorite Makeup Product: Brow Shader, I cannot, let me stress that out again, CANNOT! go out of the house without grooming my eyebrows. This is, for me, the most important step of make up application because no matter how flawless your make up is, if your eyebrows are unruly, it ruins the whole look.

My Perfume: Clinique Happy and D&G Light Blue

My Nails: Any would do really.

My Feet & My Hands: Am not very particular with this, I just use several different brands from Watsons

Three Products to bring on a deserted island: Sunblock, Cleanser and Toner!

Woman I admire for their beauty: My grandmother. She has really really good skin for her age and she only puts egg white on her face twice a week.

Woman with the Best Sense of Style: I admire a lot of hollywood celebs because of their great fashion sense such as Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Richie

My Ultimate Dream: World Domination? Hehe!

How Do I Define Womanhood: Confidence and being able to withstand all the trials that comes along her way.

My Favorite Fashion Publication: Cosmopolitan

So now I'm tagging:


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